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CfP: ARCHIBOTS : Intelligent and Adaptable Built Environments

CfP: ARCHIBOTS : Intelligent and Adaptable Built Environments
An International Workshop on Architectural Robotics at Ubicomp 2009

date and venue: September 30, 2009 in Orlando, Florida at Ubicomp 2009.
workshop URL:
papers due: 5pm EST on June 25, 2009 (see below)
organizers: Keith Evan Green (Clemson U.) and Mark Gross (Carnegie Mellon

call: Robotics embedded in our built environment will increasingly support
and augment everyday work, school, entertainment, and leisure activities in
an increasingly digital society. A full-day workshop offering at Ubicomp,
the International Conference on Ubiquitous
Computing, Archibots aims
to identify opportunities and challenges in research and education in the
emerging area of Architectural Robotics - intelligent and adaptable
physical environments at all scales. For Archibots 2009, we seek position
papers representing diverse perspectives from the extended ubicomp community
exploring possibilities and defining an agenda for Architectural Robotics
for the year 2019 and beyond. Workshop participants will discuss these
perspectives and then, in teams, sketch short videos to envision possible
futures. The collected videos of the workshop are intended to stream to the
Video Program of the conference. The organizers plan to publish selected
position papers as an edited book or a special issue of a journal, and also
further relations with industry and allied disciplines.

scope: We solicit position papers envisioning opportunities and challenges
for Architectural Robotics to support and enhance human needs and desires,
including, but not limited to:
 specific applications (e.g., work, health, play, elderly, disabled,
 re-configurable and modular robotics in buildings, public places,
 sociological and psychological implications of architectural robotics.
 programming buildings that sense, infer, and respond to human needs.
 intelligent building structures and systems with embedded robotics.
 the software and hardware infrastructure needed to realize archibots.
 teaching and learning architectural robotics.
We encourage papers that go beyond a mere presentation of accomplished
works; instead, we seek contributions to this emerging field that openly
communicat e techniques, methods and assemblies of architectural robotics
and, more broadly, the challenges and prospects of architectural robotics
which we recognize as technical, social and aesthetic.

submissions: Paper submissions must be formatted according to the Ubicomp
supplementary proceedings template and submitted in PDF to both and no later than 5pm EST on June 25,
2009. Papers must not exceed 6 pages and 10MB, including abstract, all
figures, and references. Each submission should have one designated author
who will participate in the conference, should the submission be accepted.
[The organizers acknowledge support for this workshop from the U.S. National
Science Foundation.]

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